Looking for Someone to Buy Mortgage Notes?

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It is no fun at all to hold an owner-financed note. Sure, you can get a regular monthly payment from the payee, and it is always a nice thing to get a wire transfer or a check in the mail on a regular basis. However, you can also get a monthly dividend from holding stocks or regular income from an annuity, too. Holding an owner-financed note carries with it a great deal of hassle, such as servicing the note and keeping track of principal pay down. There is also risk, such as the possibility of losing some or all of your cash if the payee defaults. This is especially true if the note you are holding is not in the first position, but rather is a second- or third-position note as so many owner-financed notes are. Other investment vehicles may have risk too, but the risk is minimized and the hassle is far less.

When you consider these things, it makes sense that you would be looking for someone to buy mortgage notes. Thankfully, you are in luck because you can sell your note with relative ease, which can turn your note into cash for other investments or other purposes you may have. The process begins when you submit some information into the online form. We will analyze the information you provide and offer you a quote for a cash offer. The offer will not be at face value, but it will be a fair market value that can turn your note into the cash you are looking for.

We are interested in the ability to buy mortgage notes from you, and we can give you the cash you need or want. After you submit your form online and make the decision to accept our quote, the paperwork will be drawn up. Once the paperwork is executed, the funds will be transferred and the process will be complete. It may sound easy, and the fact is that it is!

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