Sell My Mortgage Note!

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Over the past few years many people have used seller financing as a method of getting top dollar selling houses. Later as the economy has fallen into a recession and house prices have collapsed they find themselves in a position holding paper when they need cash. We can help. We buy seller financed notes. To be clear, you won’t get 100% of the face value of your note. Based on the interest rate on your note, the term of your note, the credit of the debtor and the value of the home, we will make you a reasonable offer for your note.

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  • Owner Financed Note
  • Seller Financed Note
  • Mortgage Note
  • Seller Financed Mortgage
  • Owner Financed Mortgage

These all basically mean the same thing. The previous owner of the house is providing the financing to the new owner. All terms are negotiable including: Term, frequency of payment, interest rate, method of compounding the interest, options to sell the note, consequences of nonpayment, methods of foreclosing… there are lots of variations. Some contracts include an escrow company taking and dispersing payments. Some of the escrow companies hold a quit claim deed so that if the buyer does not make payments according to the contract, the escrow company releases the signed quit claim deed over to the seller. The seller can have the quit claim deed recorded at the recorders office, and now he is the lawful owner again. He might need to evict the current tenants (now squatters). Some owners financed notes have balloon payments. This means that the property buyer/debtor has to pay off or refinance the note withing the specified time frame. I bought a property a number of years ago with interest only payments and a balloon payment in 1 year. I ended up paying it off at 10 months. I know of a contract on a commercial property that has a balloon payment in 10 years. Another interesting thing to note is that you should be careful not to pay off a property completely if you are planning on refinancing it. It will cost more interest and be harder to get a cash out refinance on a property that is free and clear! Banks are crazy these days!